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How to choose a crusher is a key step in subsequent operations for producing high-quality wood powder. The crushed products are widely used in the preparation section and single wood flour (sawdust) production base of paper making, edible fungus, mechanism charcoal, particle board, sawdust board, high-density board, medium fiber board, and other industrial production.

Wood crushing machines(such as Wood crusher machine for making sawdust and Hammer mill crusher in sawdust-making production line.) can also be used for individual households for the production of commercial wood chips. This is mainly used for processing materials such as pine, miscellaneous wood, yang wood, fir wood, raw bamboo, etc.

Structure and working principle of the wood shredder

The interior of the crusher mainly contains a knife plate, blades, hammer blades, and screens. Our wood shredders have four blades and eight blades in the shredding chamber. This is related to the model and output of the machine. And there are different mesh sizes of screens. Customers can choose the screen that meets their needs.

The material is put into the inlet of the machine, and during the cutting and crushing process of the blades, the rotor generates high-speed airflow rotating with the direction of the blades.

Materials in the airflow accelerate and repeatedly impact, cutting friction. At this time the crushed material with the airflow into the separator for analysis, due to the centrifugal force of the rotor in the analyzer and the centripetal force of the airflow.

So when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, fine particles with the airflow into the collector collection. Coarse particles will enter the crushing chamber to continue to crush until you are satisfied with the fineness.

How to choose a crusher for you

When choosing a wood crusher, you can consider buying your own satisfactory sawdust machine products from different angles according to your actual needs.

First, according to the choice of crushed raw materials.

  • If the crushed material is more completely wood, tree trunks, branches, used furniture, etc. Customers can choose the wood crusher. If the material handled is coarsely shredded wood chips, coconut shells, wood processing trimmings, etc., you can choose the hammer mill.

Second, according to the crushing fineness selection.

  • If the material only needs to be powdered to 20-120 mesh with a screen control can be. The aperture of the screen is different, and the output of different wood chips. If the material needs to be powdered to 20-320 mesh should be used with wind-selected, no sieve without a net.

Third, according to the production capacity to choose.

  • General sawdust machine configuration and instructions have a production capacity: of kg/hour. Customers should choose the model size according to their actual needs. Let’s say the finer the same machine, the lower the output, and vice versa, the coarser the higher the output.

Finally, according to the discharge mode selection.

  • Customers can choose a single machine or with Shakelong according to their own needs. Shakelong will collect the dust and impurities that appear during the work of the machine. It is conducive to improving the working environment and ensuring the health of the operator.

If you have any questions related to how to choose a crusher. Welcome to consult! We will provide you with the most comprehensive answers!