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With the booming development of mining, construction, and other industries, the hammer crusher machine plays a key role as an important crushing equipment. However, the clogging problem has been a challenge that affects the normal operation of the equipment due to reasons such as raw material characteristics or improper operation.

hammer crusher machine
hammer crusher machine

In this paper, we will discuss in depth how to solve the clogging problem of hammer mill crushers to ensure smooth production.

Clogging Analysis of Hammer Crusher Machine

  • When processing various types of raw materials, the hammer crusher is often clogged due to impurities in the raw materials, high humidity, etc. Once the clogging problem occurs, it not only affects the operation of the hammer crusher but also the production process.
  • Once the blockage problem occurs, it not only affects the production efficiency but also may cause damage to the equipment, which may bring production safety hazards.
  • This will also lead to machine downtime, the production plan can not be successfully implemented, bringing considerable economic losses. Therefore, solving the clogging problem in time is crucial to the production operation of the company.
wood sawdust making machine
wood sawdust-making machine

Solutions to Blockage Problems

  1. Regular inspection and maintenance: This is an effective means of preventing clogging problems. Clean up the impurities accumulated inside the equipment and check the discharge opening to keep the equipment unclogged.
  2. Optimize raw material treatment: In the production process, reduce the impurities in the raw materials by taking pre-treatment measures, such as screening, dehumidification, etc., and improve the ability of raw materials to adapt to the hammer crusher machine.
  3. Reasonable adjustment of equipment parameters: such as feed speed, discharge opening size, etc., to ensure that the equipment can operate efficiently under different raw material conditions and reduce the risk of clogging.
hammer crusher wood processing equipment
hammer crusher wood processing equipment

Successful Case Sharing

In November this year, one of our customers from the U.S.A. purchased a hammer mill for making sawdust from wood. According to our advice, he reduced the impurities in the raw materials by managing the raw material handling process in a fine way, which effectively reduced the risk of clogging the hammer crusher machine and ensured the continuity of production.

industrial hammermill machine
industrial hammermill machine

By continuously optimizing equipment management and introducing advanced technological means, the hammer crusher machine will become even more efficient. In the future, we look forward to making more technological breakthroughs in this field, helping the industry to better cope with the challenges and realize the sustainable development of the crushing process.