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The wood shaving machine is a professional machine for processing thin wood shavings for chickens. Our shavings machine has received great popularity from domestic and foreign customers. The machine is solid and durable, the blade is wear-resistant, the thickness of the shavings is adjustable, and the operation is easy.

Besides, the price of our wood shaving machine is affordable and can bring great profit to customers. Our wood shaving machine has been sold to many countries, such as Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Ecuador, Greece, Malaysia, USA, Abkhazia, etc. Every customer’s feedback is that the machine works very well.

Wood shavings for chickens production advantages

  1. The shavings crusher can process logs, branches, and board edges into shavings.
  2. The wood shavings for chickens produced are of good quality, uniform in thickness, and soft.
  3. The high efficiency of the shavings machine saves time and manpower.
  4. We can change the thickness of the shavings by tilting the angle of the shavings’ blade.
  5. We have different models of shavings machines in our production. They have different outputs, customers can choose according to their needs.

How the customer buy our wood shaver machine

Our customer, a chicken farm owner, wanted to buy a planer to make his own wood shavings for chickens’ nests. The customer decided to contact us by browsing our website. We were contacted via email. Our sales manager contacted the customer immediately.

Through communication, the customer indicated that he needed an SL-600 model. Then we recommended the SL-800 model because the customer’s demand is 800GK/H. The output of the SL-600 model is 500KG/H, which does not meet the requirement.

Then our salesman sent the PI of the machine to the customer. The customer said it was OK. Finally, we confirmed the destination and started to produce the machine after we received the payment from the customer.

Detailed parameters of wood shaving machine

Model:     SL-800
Input Size16cm

Why choose our wood-shaving machine

  • We support customized machines. For example, we can add shelves and wheels to the wood shaving machine, which is convenient for customers to move the machine.
  • As a professional wood machinery manufacturer, our wood shaving machine has a compact appearance and reasonable structure. The machine works and runs smoothly.
  • We will recommend the right products according to the actual needs of customers. We will not promote the products arbitrarily.
  • Provide customers with the information they need, such as pictures, videos, and parameters of the machine.

If you want to learn more about the specific process of making wood shavings for chickens and how the machine works, click on the Wood shaving machine for pallet block press making plant. From the production of the machine to the transportation of the machine, we will update the relevant information to customers in a timely manner.