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We are very pleased to announce the recent successful shipment of one of our wood pallet shredders to Bulgaria, injecting advanced processing technology and equipment into the local wood processing industry.

At the beginning of June, the customer became interested in our product website by searching for products and contacted us, expressing the need for a medium-sized wood pallet shredder for processing wooden pallets. Through detailed communication, the customer accepted our SL-1400 wood comprehensive crusher. The price, parameters, and other aspects are in line with his expectations. Now the customer has put it into use and reflects well.

Background and challenges

As an important agricultural and forestry country in Europe, Bulgaria has always had potential for its wood processing industry. Our customer has his own factory that specializes in recycling and processing waste wood.

However, in the face of increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the need to improve production efficiency, Bulgarian wood processing companies are in dire need of advanced processing equipment to meet market demand. For this reason, we work closely with our local customers to understand their needs and challenges.

Shuliy’s solution on wood pallet shredder

commercial wood pallet crusher for sale

Our team of professionals customized efficient wood pallet shredder based on the client’s needs. This comprehensive crusher combines various technologies of cutting, crushing, and screening, and is capable of converting various types of wood, straw, and waste into the desired particle size.

It’s adjustable parameters and advanced automated control system make it easier to operate and meet the processing requirements of different specifications and sizes.

Successful delivery and results

After careful manufacturing and commissioning, our wood waste crusher successfully completed testing and was recently shipped to Bulgaria. The customer received detailed operation training and technical support after the arrival of the equipment, which ensured the smooth operation of the equipment.

The wood pallet shredder will provide Bulgarian wood processing enterprises with efficient and environmentally friendly biomass processing solutions, which will help to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and realize the effective use of resources.

Feedback from the customer

Our customers are very satisfied with the performance and durability of the wood pallet shredder. The high efficiency of the machine has enabled them to meet market demands and greatly increase productivity. In addition, he has indicated that he will repurchase it again.

This successful shipment marks an important breakthrough for us in the international market and also proves our technical strength and professional ability in the field of biomass processing.

We will continue to cooperate with our global customers to provide advanced processing equipment and solutions for industries in different countries and regions, and jointly promote sustainable development and resource utilization. We look forward to seeing the Bulgarian wood processing industry achieve greater success and development with the help of wood pallet shredder.