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Driven by Shuliy company’s tireless efforts, we are pleased to announce that last month we successfully sold a high-efficiency wood sawdust briquette making machine to a leading Nigerian company. This transaction marks another victory for our company in the African market and opens a new chapter of green and sustainable bar-making production for Nigerian companies.

wood sawdust briquette making machine
wood sawdust briquette making machine

Background Information of The Customer

The Nigerian customer is a biomass energy-oriented company dedicated to providing environmentally friendly and efficient energy solutions. As an industry leader in the region, they are always on the lookout for advanced production equipment to meet the growing market demand.

Why Purchased The Wood Sawdust Briquette Making Machine

The main reasons why Nigerian companies decided to buy a bar-making machine include:

  1. Improve Production Efficiency: The high capacity of the briquette making machine will help customers to improve the production efficiency of wood pellet bar making to meet the market demand.
  2. Environmentally friendly and green production: As a biomass energy company, they attach great importance to environmental protection, and the production process of the rod-making machine is in line with their commitment to sustainable development.
  3. Product Diversity: The flexibility of the sawdust briquette press machine enables it to produce wood pellets of different diameters and lengths to meet diversified customer needs.

Deal Negotiation Process

In close cooperation with both parties, our company conducted a detailed communication and needs analysis with the Nigerian enterprise. By fully understanding the customer’s requirements, we provided customized solutions, including training and after-sales service, to ensure that the customer could make full use of the new wood sawdust briquette making machine.