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Recently, in response to the oil leakage problem of feed pellet machines during the production process, our factory has come up with a series of solutions designed to help producers and farmers better cope with this common challenge.

Maintenance of feed pellet machines

As one of the key equipment for biomass pellet production, pellet mill machines have been plagued by oil leakage problems. Oil leakage not only affects productivity but can also lead to equipment damage and safety hazards. To address this problem, we propose the following solutions:

  1. Before starting the machine, gear oil should be added to the gearbox. Turn the pulley several times by hand, waiting for the gear oil to penetrate the oil seal. This process will cool and lubricate the oil seal.
  2. Before leaving the factory, we usually use gear oil to lubricate the oil seal, but if it is not used for a long time, the gear oil may dry out, so oil leakage sometimes occurs.
  3. If you keep an eye on the machine without adding gear oil, when the feed pellet machine runs at high speed, the rubber oil seal will burn out at high temperatures, causing gear oil leakage.

The above is not a big problem. When replacing the oil seal, we must follow our correct usage method. You can contact us at any time to ask our factory for help and get solutions.