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Recently, our company has successfully shipped a comprehensive set of charcoal charcoal making machines to our customers in Guinea, covering several key aspects of charcoal production. Learn more detailed information through Charcoal Production Line for Biomass Processing Plant.

Guinea is a resource-rich country with abundant timber resources. In order to make better use of this wood, the customer decided to build an advanced charcoal production line to achieve efficient processing and maximize the value of wood.

charcoal making machines shipment
charcoal making machines shipment

Charcoal Making Machines Shipping List

The list of our shipments to Guinea is as follows:

  • Wood Branch Pulverizer
  • Sawdust Grinder Machine
  • Sawdust dryer
  • 5 sets of Sawdust Briquette Machine
  • 5 Carbonization Furnaces

Description of the Charcoal Process

  1. Branch Crushing Machine: Crushes waste materials such as miscellaneous wood and branches into pellets suitable for subsequent processing.
  2. Sawdust Crusher: Then it is re-crushed into sawdust to make it easier for the next step of processing.
  3. Sawdust Dryer: Through the efficient hot air system, the moisture in the sawdust will be evaporated quickly, so as to prepare for the subsequent bar-making and carbonization.
  4. Sawdust Briquette Machine: Presses the treated wood particles into charcoal bars of uniform specifications.
  5. Charring Machine: Finally, the charcoal sticks are carbonized at high temperatures through the charcoal furnace to obtain high-quality charcoal finished products.

Guinea Installation Site

The charcoal making machine production line is large and complex, and there are no corresponding skilled workers, so our company sent professional technical engineers to Guinea to take charge of the installation and debugging of the production line.

According to the charcoal machine production line program designed for the customer before, we put the machine into the corresponding installation area for assembly and connection, guided the construction of an indoor self-built combustion furnace and the placement of an outdoor exhaust device, the constructed filtration tanks, and carried out the trial run test after installation to ensure smooth production. Finally, the workers were trained in the use and maintenance of the charcoal making machines.