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Earlier this month, a well-known barbecue equipment supplier based in Egypt successfully introduced a charcoal ball pressing machine as an important addition to its product line to provide more comprehensive barbecue solutions. This cooperation aims to meet the customer’s demand for diversified barbecue equipment, expand market share, and enhance competitiveness.

Customer background and needs analysis

This Egyptian barbecue equipment supplier has a good reputation and a wide customer base in the region, mainly dealing with all kinds of barbecue equipment and accessories.

In the face of intensifying market competition and diversifying customer needs, they hope to enrich their product line by introducing the BBQ charcoal ball pressing machine to provide a more all-round, one-stop barbecue solution to meet the growing needs of customers.

Reasons for choosing charcoal ball pressing machine

After market research and comparative analysis, the customer finally chose our company’s wood barbecue charcoal briquette machine.

This machine has the following advantages: highly efficient production capacity, stable performance, easy to operate, durable and reliable, which fully meets the customer’s demand for high-quality BBQ charcoal production.

If you are also interested in our BBQ charcoal business, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with more detailed information and the machine quotation.