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Recently, Shuliy company again successfully shipped a wood log peeler machine to Ukraine, this time the customer is a small-scale panel processing plant. The customer has been engaged in the wood processing industry for many years and is committed to providing high-quality wood-based panel products.

log peeler machine
log peeler machine

How the Machine Works

The log peeler machine performs precise debarking operations on wood through an advanced tooling system. Its automated design makes operation easier, as workers only need to monitor and adjust the equipment, thus increasing overall productivity.

Ukraine Market Demand for Wood Processing Machinery

Ukraine is rich in forest resources and the wood processing industry has been an important pillar of the country’s economy. With the increase in wood market demand, the demand for efficient and advanced wood processing machines is also gradually rising. Our export of wood debarker machines to Ukraine this time is to meet the urgent needs of the local market for wood processing equipment.

Log Peeler Machine Benefits and Price

The wood debarking machine provided by our company has a number of advantages:

  1. High-efficiency debarking: Advanced debarking technology ensures high-efficiency wood processing.
  2. Automatic operation: Fully automated design reduces workers’ labor intensity and improves production efficiency.
  3. Precise debarking: A precise tool adjustment system ensures consistent quality of debarking for each piece of wood.

In addition, we also provide customers with high-quality wood debarking machines at reasonable prices so that they can operate their wood processing business more competitively while increasing productivity. Welcome to contact us for more information.