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It is well known that crushed sawdust applications have a wide range. Shuliy Machinery produces two types of machines for making wood sawdust: wood shredders and hammer mill crushers. The internal structure of the crushing part and raw materials handled by the two machines are different.

Customers can choose the machine they need according to their needs. Nowadays, wood crushers are widely used all over the world. So what are the main crushed sawdust applications? Let Shuliy Machinery answer all of them for you. (Related Posts: 1. Wood crusher machine for making sawdust; 2. Hammer mill crusher in sawdust-making production line.)

The main crushed sawdust applications

In the very early days, we used wood chips for heating fires, building houses, and so on. With the continuous development of society, people have discovered more use value of wood. People found that the use of wood sawdust is very wide. The scope is as follows.

  1. Fuel power plant, biomass pellet fuel, charcoal.
  2. Fertilizer, compost, planting material, edible mushroom medium, such as shiitake, flat mushroom, fungus, etc.
  3. Making boards, density boards, and compressed boards.
  4. Stables, horse farms, breeding farms, nesting material, etc.

Markets of crushed wood sawdust

1. Nowadays, we are strongly advocating environmental protection and energy saving. Therefore, like the previous coal industry, firewood, etc. is not conducive to clean air. And the price of fuel is high and not renewable energy.

Therefore, crushed sawdust applications to make pellets have become a more fashionable and environmentally friendly practice. In addition, many foreign families have adopted biomass heating stoves to replace the former coal burning, burning fire, so as to warm through the winter.

2. Wood crushed into sawdust wood chips, can be used to make mosquitoes, paper, etc.. Because the material itself is the raw material of wood chips sawdust. This will allow continuous recycling of energy!

It can also be used in the gardening unit of the garden base use, conducive to increasing the fertility of the soil, so that the vegetation has enough nutrients!

3. The crushed finished product can also be sold to wood panel processing plants as raw material for particle boards, sawdust boards, and high-density boards.

In a word, the crushed sawdust applications are very wide and produce very high benefits. It is an essential piece of equipment for wood chip manufacturers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with professional answers!