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Shuliy company is proud to announce that we have recently succeeded in exporting a high-performance charcoal ball press machine for sale to beautiful Mexico. The charcoal ball making machine is a very hot product of our company, which has been supported by many countries and has been shipped to more than 40 countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Australia, Indonesia, and so on.

charcoal ball press machine for sale
charcoal ball press machine for sale

Introduction of The Customer

Our client is an innovative BBQ charcoal manufacturing company in Mexico. They have been looking for a more efficient and environmentally friendly production method to meet the growing market demand.

Why Purchase a Charcoal Ball Press Machine For Sale

The main reasons why our Mexican customer decided to purchase a coal ball-making machine include:

  1. Improved Production Efficiency: The high-pressure pressing of the coal ball press can significantly improve the production efficiency of barbecue charcoal and reduce labor costs.
  2. Sustainability: They value the sustainability of the production process, and the charcoal ball press machine can convert waste materials into high-quality barbecue charcoal products with zero waste.
  3. Product Quality: The ball press can ensure the production of even and tight barbecue charcoal, and improve the product quality to meet the high requirements of customers.

Customer Feedback

We provided training and after-sales service after shipment to ensure that the customer could skillfully operate the new equipment. Customers have provided positive feedback after using the ball press.

They stated that production efficiency has been significantly improved, while product quality and sustainability have both improved and they look forward to further cooperation in the future.