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At the end of last month, our company successfully sent a set of fully automatic hookah charcoal briquette making machine production line to a shisha charcoal processing and retailing company in Indonesia. This company is a supplier of hookah charcoal with a certain scale in the Indonesian market, providing high-quality products to local hookah lounges and retailers.

Water-Smoked Charcoal in Indonesia Market

hookah charcoal has a long history in Indonesia and has always been an integral part of the social and recreational life of the locals. hookah lounges are very common in Indonesia, so the demand for shisha charcoal has been maintaining a relatively stable growth trend.

How to Contact Us

The opportunity for this cooperation started when the customer was browsing YouTube and accidentally found our machine operation demonstration video. Attracted by the efficient production process, advanced technology, and excellent performance of this hookah charcoal briquette making machine, the customer then made a detailed inquiry by adding contact information.

Business Needs and Expectations

  • As a practitioner in the shisha charcoal production industry, the customer has an urgent need to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • It is hoped that through the introduction of an advanced hookah charcoal briquette making machine production line, the production capacity of water-smoked charcoal can be increased and the labor intensity can be reduced.
  • Moreover, it is hoped that the machines can deal with raw materials such as waste plastics and realize the comprehensive utilization of resources.

Why Choose Our Hookah Charcoal Briquette Making Machines

  • Through in-depth communication with our business manager, the customer has a full understanding of the performance and advantages of our production line. His impression of our company’s advanced technology and reliable equipment made him finally choose our company’s products.
  • At the same time, our company provides a full set of solutions, including equipment installation and commissioning, technical training, and other services, which also provide more protection for the customer.

Customers said that after the machine installation and commissioning were completed, the operation of the entire production line exceeded their expectations. The high efficiency of the production line, the comprehensive utilization of raw materials, and the improvement of product quality make them more competitive in the same industry.