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Recently, our company successfully sent 25 sets of small feed making machines to a customer from Saudi Arabia. In June, the customer was interested in our product website by searching for products and contacted our company, saying he needed a small feed pellet mill. Through detailed communication, the customer accepted our SL-125 and SL-210 feed pellet mills. The price, parameters, and other aspects are in line with his expectations. Now the customer has put it into use and reflects well.

Background information on the customer

Our Saudi client is running a large farming project business. Due to our good reputation and high-quality feed machine production, our company is widely recognized by both domestic and foreign customers. Recently, we got a big order from our Saudi Arabian customer for 25 sets of customized feed pellet mills for processing many kinds of animal feeds.

Opportunities and challenges

Due to the differences in climate and feeding requirements between Saudi Arabia and China, the flat die feed pellet mill required some customization and adjustment to suit the local farming conditions and feeding requirements.

In addition, international logistics and transportation are also a challenge, and there is a need to ensure that the equipment can arrive at its destination smoothly and safely.

Shuliy feed making machine shipped successfully

We work closely with our Saudi customers to fully understand their needs and requirements. The team of engineers adapted the feed making machine to ensure it could meet the Saudi feeding environment and animal breeds. After customization, they conducted rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure the performance and stability of the equipment.

In terms of logistics, we worked with international logistics companies to ensure that the equipment was adequately packed and protected during transportation. In addition, the client was assisted with all the necessary documentation and licenses to ensure that the equipment could enter Saudi Arabia without any problems.

Feedback from the Saudi customer

After the feed making machines were successfully put into use, the Saudi customers were satisfied with our services and products. Their farming business was further developed. And said that they will continue to strengthen the cooperation in the future.